Fertilizing Profit through Microagri-Loans

With the support of Cantilan Bank, Lorna Espura and her husband were able to purchase and operate a 2-hectare vegetable farm in the beautiful fields of Cantilan, a town in Surigao del Sur, Southern Philippines. A loyal client of MABS’ participating bank Cantilan Bank, Lorna is now on her eighth loan.

Since 1992, Lorna has been raising vegetables such as string beans, pipino (cucumber), and okra. During the harvest months from July to December, she realizes revenue by harvesting crops every other day. Aside from this, she plants rice and raises hogs and native chickens. On top of these activities, she and her family operate a sari-sari (small grocery).

In this photo taken in October 2011, Lorna Espura and her son work on their farm in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. Microagri-loans have helped finance farm operations of backyard growers and small farmers like Ms. Espura.

By managing a household with multiple and regular sources of income, Lorna was an ideal client for Cantilan Bank’s microagri-loan product designed with support from MABS. Cantilan Bank’s microagri-loan was ideal for Lorna and her husband because it allowed them to pay off most of the principal in regular payments as opposed to traditional agricultural loan products that required clients like Lorna to save and pay in a lump sum during the harvest. Because of her family’s regular sources of income throughout the year, the bank’s microagri-loan repayment plan was more suitable.


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