ANNEX F. International Conferences

  • “Field Experiences in Promoting Mobile Phone banking Services for Microfinance” at the Mobile Payments and Near Field Communications Conference in August 2008 in Bangkok. The conference discussed the latest industry developments in mobile payments and NFC or “contactless” payments in Asia.
  • Microfinance and New Technologies Conference, where participating bank Cantilan Bank was a panelist for the mobile banking session organized by PlaNet Finance. The conference was in October 2008 in New Delhi, India.
  • International Microfinance Summit on July 23-24, 2009 in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. MABS shared its expertise on mobile phone banking with officers and representatives of financial institutions. Centered on building a strong microfinance and microcredit system in China, the summit featured topics such as microcredit regulation, supervision, funding, supporting structures, and new technologies for microfinance.
  • “Optimizing the Customer Education/Product Marketing” session of the M-banking Practitioner’s Workshop organized by MicroSave and CGAP in August 2009 in Nepal. The workshop focused on comparing and sharing lessons learned on customer value proposition, customer education and product marketing, pilot testing, rolling out and scaling up processes, and pricing and business models.
  • World M-Commerce Summit 2010 on March 17-18, 2010 in Singapore. MABS presented on how mobile money can be used in microfinance, the business model used, and issues and lessons learned from pilot tests.
  • “The Great Equalizer: The Mobile Phone as the Great Economic Equalizer)” 3rd Mobile Conference in Asia March 24-25, 2010. About 100 stakeholders and leaders of the Asian mobile commerce industry: bankers, mobile network operators, mobile commerce providers, and third-party solution providers.
  • Mobile Money Transfer-Asia Pacific Conference. Having pioneered mobile phone banking and being noted as one of the world’s leaders in mobile money, the Philippines hosted the conference in January 2011 in Manila. To give participants experience in using mobile money and assume the role of user, a site visit at MABS partner PR Bank was a post-conference activity. Highlighted during the event were mobile phone banking and mobile money transfer experiences of Bangko Kabayan and Cantilan Bank and MABS. BSP presented the mobile phone banking and mobile money transfer regulatory environment in the country.
  • International Microfinance Conference. In March 2011, MABS joined global microfinance practitioners in Nanjing City, China. MABS discussed the Philippine experience on microfinance innovations
  • 5th Annual Mobile Financial Services – Asia Pacific Summit in Singapore in September 2011. MABS joined mobile financial service stakeholders to discuss industry trends and challenges in the mobile financial services during the two-day summit.
  • Connected World Forum from October 31 to November 3, 2011 in Dubai. MABS shared the use of mobile money enabled financial services through rural banks in the Philippines.
  • 8th Citi-Financial Times Financial Education Summit in November 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. In a panel discussion, MABS presented its Financial Education for Branchless Banking Project. The presentation highlighted how the initiative supported rural banks’ mobile phone banking services rollout and facilitated expansion of services to clients in areas that are hard-to-reach.
  • 5th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2012 in Singapore in April 2012. MABS highlighted how the program supported microfinance-oriented banks to use mobile money to expand banking services in rural areas.
  • Next Bank Asia 2012 in Singapore in May 2012. MABS shared how banks can make use of mobile money to expand access to banking services.

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